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[vc_section content_layout=”full” animation_delay=”” disable=”” id=”” class=”” bg_type=”image” bg_image=”” color_overlay=”” enable_parallax=”” enable_pattern=””][vc_row content_layout=”boxed” equal_height=”” animation_delay=”” disable=”” id=”” class=”” bg_type=”image” bg_image=”” color_overlay=”” enable_parallax=”” enable_pattern=””][vc_column layout=”normal” vertical_align=”top” animation_delay=””][vc_column_text]At Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, we aim for complete patient satisfaction. We draw our inspiration from one of the founding fathers of dentistry, Dr GV Black. Patient care begins the moment the patient comes to the hospital. We aim for a world class experience for our patients. Our team of chauffeurs provide help with parking for patients who request it. A welcoming smile greets the patient at the reception area. Patients with appointments are then escorted into the clinic without delay. The patient meets the designated doctor assigned to them in this area. Our service makes us the best dental hospital in India.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Multispecialty dental hospital for comprehensive oral care” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]Balaji Dental has a team of dedicated specialist and resident doctors. We have the latest equipment to deal with any dental problem. Our multispecialty dental hospital has some of the most experienced specialists in Chennai. This is one of the reasons our patients consider us to be the best dental clinic in Chennai. We offer the best in dental implants. Our Orthodontists deal with complex cases. Even buried teeth are soon brought into alignment by their skills. Dental caries are a bane of modern life.

Our endodontists practice minimally invasive dentistry. It denotes the importance of preservation of natural tooth structure. They educate the patient about caries management. Cast post crowns restore broken down teeth to preserve natural appearance. This is following root canal treatment. Tooth colored fillings also preserve natural tooth function and form. Dental treatments is through the use of latest restorative materials. Sedation dentistry for anxious patients is also available at our hospital.

Smile designing is another specialty procedure we perform in our hospital. This ensures the smile that best suits the face. Gum restoration treatments in our hospital strengthen even mobile teeth. Laser dentistry promotes good gum health. Our aim is to promote good oral health. Training on preventive dentistry is a specialty offering for children in our hospital. We do our best for all our patients.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Operation Theatre facilities” subheading=”at our hospital” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]Our hospital is a superspecialty surgical center for oral and maxillofacial care. Maxillofacial surgery is a specialty of our hospital. We have two operation theatres equipped with ultra-modern equipment. This ensures delivery of the best possible care for each surgical patient. We have a dedicated team of nursing staff in our theaters. They are well trained and efficient. Regular training modules ensure that they are amongst the best.

Sterilization and aseptic protocols are up to date with the latest in the world. There is a multilevel system of checks in place to ensure zero error. Monitoring of every equipment and instrument at each level ensures total patient safety. Only the best equipments, instruments and materials are used in our hospital. Regular swabs and cultures for microbes in operation theaters ensure asepsis. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is also a reflection of the safety standards we follow.

We use advanced equipment in our operation theatres. Anesthetic equipment at our hospital is very sophisticated. This enables easy administration of anesthesia in patients with limited mouth opening. Being a maxillofacial hospital, this is a common presentation in our surgical patients. Traditional methods of anesthesia induction is not possible in these patients.

Our hospital was one of the first to use the craniotome in India. This device uses a clutch system to ensure no damage to the brain during use.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Patient Rooms for a comfortable stay” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]We also believe in providing our patients the best possible overall experience. We have 25 private rooms for patients in our hospital. Each room has facilities that are comparable to international standards. Every room comes fitted with all facilities to handle any emergency. There is 24-hour oxygen supply to each room. Each floor has a nursing station with 24-hour duty nurses and doctors. Constant antiseptic care of the rooms ensure total patient safety from infection. Staff at the hospital have the training to deliver total patient satisfaction. Workshops conducted inhouse ensure total staff commitment towards comprehensive patient care. Staff member motivation programs reward staff innovations towards improved functioning of hospital.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Diagnostic Laboratory for patient convenience” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]Diagnostic laboratory facilities are available in-house at our hospital. Comprehensive testing facilities ensure that the patient need not leave the hospital premises. Testing for blood, sputum and other related tests are all performed in our lab. This ensures that results are available for review by the doctors at the earliest. Oral cancer screening services are available at our laboratory.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Computerized Radiography.” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]Our hospital comes equipped with the latest in digital x-ray technology. This reduces radiation exposure compared to conventional x-ray units. Digital imaging reduces cost for the patient. It enables immediate processing of images thus reducing waiting time for the patient. Imaging study results are available for doctors at the earliest. Storage of images in the digital archive makes it easy to retrieve images. All this adds to improved experience for the patient in the hospital. Safety of all patient records is also ensured at our hospital.

We offer Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging at our hospital. Radiation exposure for the patient is a fraction of other imaging technologies. Imaging needs for treatments such as implants and root canal are very simplified by this. Diagnosis of intrabony lesions is also simplified by this technology. Successful implementation of treatment planning is also aided by this technology.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”In-house Dental Laboratory for quality Treatment” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]We have a modern, state-of-the-art prosthodontic ceramic laboratory. It boasts of the latest technology from Europe. Prompt delivery of dental prostheses is thus ensured for our patients. This also enables monitoring with our usual strict quality control regimens. Quality of workmanship is of the highest standard. Our technicians attend regular workshops and are up to date with all the latest advances. Specialist technicians from Europe visit our hospital to transfer the latest technology. Our lab follows protocols adhered to by top labs in the developed world.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Amongst the best for facial trauma care” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]We have 24-hour emergency service for trauma care. Facial trauma care is one of the specialties of our hospital. Neurosurgical care is also available on call at our hospital. Ambulance with life support is available for transport of accident victims.[/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Inhouse pharmacy to attend to patient needs” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]A round-the-clock pharmacy located within the hospital complex ensures drug availability for patients. [/vc_column_text][vu_heading style=”1″ heading=”Conference Hall facilities to conduct International Symposiums and Workshops” subheading=”” alignment=”left” custom_colors=”” class=””][vc_column_text]Our hospital has a 200 seater auditorium. This comes equipped with video conferencing facilities. It is ideal for conducting national and international meets. We have hosted conferences and workshops related to oral and maxillofacial surgery. Topics include distraction osteogenesis, cleft lip and cleft palate repair. Our staff stay up to date with inhouse Continuing Dental Education programs. The best national and international speakers conduct these conferences and workshops.

Facilities available here make us the best dental care provider in India today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]

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