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Long standing facial paralysis static suspension of orbicularis oris fascia Lata Surgery

Young man with facial paralysis presents for treatment

This young man presented at our hospital for treatment. He is suffering from long standing facial paralysis. Dr SM Balaji, Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeon, examined the patient. He explained the treatment process to the patient. This would involve surgical correction to restore actions of facial expression. The patient was also counseled about the extent of possible correction. A strip of fascia from the vastus lateralis muscle of the thigh would be harvested for this purpose. He expressed understanding of the procedure and gave consent for the surgery. He was then scheduled for surgery.

Facial expression reestablished with fascia lata graft

A nasolabial incision was first made and the orbicularis oris muscle exposed. A preauricular stab incision was first made. Then the harvested strip of fascia lata was tunneled to the orbicularis oris muscle. The orbicularis oris muscle was then overlaid on the fascia, which was then sutured to the muscle. This incision was then closed with sutures. The other end was then sutured to the region of the preauricular stab incision, which was then closed.

The patient tolerated this procedure well and recovered from general anesthesia.

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