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Lower Lip Reduction Surgery

Importance of lip size on facial esthetics – Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip size is very important for correct facial esthetics. Surgical correction of lip size comes under cosmetic surgery. Lips that are too big or too small for the face need corrective surgery. The relationship between the sizes of each lip is also important or lip reduction surgery correct the difference in size of the lips. Lips exercise undue influence over how we look. Upper and lower lip size should match. The lips should blend into the patient’s skin tone. This will enhance the patient’s facial features. Lips smaller than normal give a pinched look to the face. Patients with large lips, bigger than normal, desire a lip reduction procedure.

Cost of lip surgery in India

Lips surgery cost in India is much lesser than it is in the developed western countries. How to reduce lip size has to be decided on before surgery. Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons perform this procedure in India. The former also perform cosmetic plastic surgery on the face. Minor corrections can also be done under local anesthesia. Patients with complicating medical conditions need to undergo a thorough checkup before surgery. This will prevent any undue side effects from medications used for surgery.

Patient with disproportionate upper lip presents at our hospital

This patient is from Kurnool, Telangana. He was born with a large lower lip, which was also everted. This affected his speech to an extent. He felt that it was also difficult to keep the lips apposed. His search for the best lip reconstruction surgeon in India brought him to us. He thus presented to our hospital for lower lip reduction surgery. He desired surgery for reducing lip size.

Initial Examination and biometric analysis for treatment planning

Dr SM Balaji, a premier cosmetic lip surgery specialist in India, examined the patient. He used biometric analyses to study the patient’s lips and face. His treatment plan for the patient was cheiloplasty. He then explained the exact extent to which the lower lip needed reduction. The surgical procedure was then explained in detail to the patient who gave consent. Reducing the size of the lip was then planned. This is a common surgery performed by both plastic and maxillofacial surgeons.

Surgical reduction with removal of excess tissue from the upper lip

General anesthesia was first induced. The region of the lower lip that needed reduction was then identified. Markings were then made on the lip. An incision was then made along the markings made on the lip. Dissection was then carried down into the submucosal region. Excess tissue was dissected and excised from the region. Vermillion borders of the lip incision were then closely reapproximated with sutures. The patient expressed complete satisfaction at the results of the cosmetic lip surgery.

Surgery Video

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