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Successful surgical correction of the upper lip and nose defect using Abbe flap

This patient is a 30 year old native of Shimla. He was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. The patient has undergone primary cleft lip and palate surgery elsewhere when he was as an infant. He complained about nongrowth of hair in the center of the lip(prolabial region). The patient now has a depressed dorsum of the nose. The nose is at an obtuse angle.
The patient was very specific about his appearance. He said this caused him to lack self confidence
Rhinoplasty nose deformity specialist Dr SM Balaji planned the surgery. He planned to correct both the nose and lip defects using open rhinoplasty and Abbe flap.
The columella of the nose was constructed using prolabium. The raw surface of the upper lip was then corrected by using a switch flap. The base of the flap was then kept attached to the lower lip for retention of blood supply. Once blood supply has been re-established in the upper lip, the flap division was then done. The defective upper lip and nose now had a more natural and esthetic appearance. The patient was very satisfied with the results.

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