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Testimonial – Mr. Taha from UAE is a case of Zygomatico-orbital Fracture

My name is Taha. I am working in the UAE. I have been following Dr. S.M. Balaji since three years. Actually before three years, I met with an accident. I had emergency surgery, but I was never satisfied with the result. I kept on searching every doctor, every possible things I could search for my betterment, but the satisfactory answer I got was in Dr. S.M. Balaji Hospital, Chennai. Sir told me yes brother, your condition will be improved. So I planned everything, I came, and I got operated with Dr. S.M. Balaji. Now my diplopia has been corrected and he did so well that I cannot even see a scar on my face. So really, really, I am so grateful and very thankful to Dr. S.M. Balaji. Thank you sir, thank you very much.

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