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Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate Rhinoplasty Surgery

Patient presents to our hospital for nose asymmetry correction

The patient is a young man who had undergone cleft surgery in our hospital as an infant. He now presents for correction of nasal asymmetry and scar revision surgery.

Treatment planning explained in detail to the patient

Dr SM Balaji examined the patient and explained the treatment planning to him. He explained that harvesting a rib graft was necessary for this surgery. The patient consented to this and agreed to the surgery.

Successful rhinoplasty and cleft lip scar revision surgery

Under general anesthesia, a rib graft was first harvested from the patient. A Valsalva maneuver was then performed and demonstrated a patent thoracic cavity. The incision was then closed in layers.

Attention was next turned to the rhinoplasty surgery. Intranasal incisions ensured absence of visible scar formation. Medial osteotomy of the nasal bone was then done. The spreader graft was then placed. Following this, the rib graft was then shaped and tunneled to the bridge of the nose. This established symmetry of the nose.

Attention was next turned to the scar from the previous cleft lip surgery. The scar was then incised and skin edges sutured using fine sutures.

The patient expressed his satisfaction at the results before final discharge.

Surgery Video

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