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Upper Lip Reduction Surgery – Dr. S.M Balaji, Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, India

Patient with disproportionate upper lip presents at our hospital

This patient is from Rohtak, Haryana. He was born with congenital disproportion between the size of his lips. His upper lip has always been everted and large. This had begun affecting his social life and his work life. He presented to our hospital for lip reduction surgery.

Initial Examination and biometric analysis for treatment planning

Dr SM Balaji, cosmetic lip surgery specialist, examined the patient. He obtained biometric measurements of the patient’s lips and face. Using various analyses, he determined the exact extent the upper lip needed reduction. He explained the surgical correction procedure in detail to the patient. The patient consented for surgery.

Surgical reduction with removal of excess tissue from the upper lip

Under general anesthesia, the region of lip that needed reduction was marked out. An incision was then made along the marking on the lip. This was then extended down into the submucosal region. Excess tissue was then dissected and excised from the region. The vermillion borders of the incision were then reapproximated with sutures. A two week postoperative visit was scheduled at the hospital. The patient expressed complete satisfaction at the results of the surgery.

Surgery Video

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